Broken updates in GitBuddy 91, Fixes in 92

GitBuddy getting... buddier

1 minute read

Build 92 was uploaded just now with lots of fixes and improvements. Release notes are here. Instruments say that there are no memory leaks & all reported crashes were fixed. Thanks for bug reports I’ve received. Grab a new version and report any problems you may found. There is a bug in GitBuddy Beta .91 which is preventing new updates from passing signature check. The problem caused by missing configuration line in Info.plist of build 91. You can either fix Info.plist yourself self or manually download version 0.9.2 directly.

To fix updater in build 91 you need to Cmd+click on app bundle, select “Show Contents” and open Info.plist with Plist Editor. Then append key SUPublicDSAKeyFile with value dsa_pub.pem. Save and retry updating. This time is should pass validation and successfully update itself to build 92.

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