Kore.IO and Python

Sometimes C is not everything you need

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How python found it’s way into Kore

So I couldn’t help myself and got into tweaking and hacking Kore. It is such an awesome tool for clean and clear C networking and http(s). But C being C means it is still time consuming to iterate changes and see how they affect your application. I am using Kore now to build Servo, but it takes more time to get this thing running. And instead I went to kore IRC channel to talk about extending Kore.

As the result, for last couple of weeks I’ve been working on python runtime support in kore. Basically pykore (that is a code name) let you specify python functions just like C function in kore.conf and handle requests completely in python. Support is not finished yet, but moving much faster than servo development and I hope to finish it and merge into kore official before my new year vacation is over.

In other news, I am very committed to finish Servo and finish it in C. Mainly because I want to get better understanding of state machine request handling and kore internals, since my next goal would be exposing it to python, redis support in kore and eventually porting Servo to redis.

Come join our discussion at #kore-dev@irc.freenode.org.

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